January 12, 2009

Thanks be to God!!

Coming up on three weeks ago, I left my position as the Youth Pastor at a local church.  I have been looking for jobs and applying, but so far haven't gotten any call-backs so far (though I have received a call from one pastoral search committee, but am unsure what to do with it).   Anyway, this morning my wife and I sat down and looked at our budget and realized that if things go the way they are, we are going to fall a couple of hundred of dollars short of being able to make our bills this month.  We were lamenting this and getting depressed when I went in and checked my e-mail.  In my e-mail inbox was a message from my former pastor saying that they were going to be sending my final paycheck out soon and that I would be getting a final mileage reimbursement as well.  I had written these off because, according to my very limited knowledge of things, since I quit the church was under no obligation whatsoever to give me either.  With those coming in, we will actually have an excess (if you can call it that) of right around a hundred dollars for the month (if everything goes right).  So, THANKS BE TO GOD!!

That being said, I would ask that all pray for me and my family, that God would provide me with some way of providing for my family.  Also, I would ask that all be in prayer that God would give me guidance whether to continue on in the ministry at this juncture or just to find a good church and be discipled there as a member of the laity.

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  1. You'll be in my prayers, David.


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