November 17, 2008

Some Very Useful Tools

Last week sometime, I was looking around on the website for Libronix Digital Library System, and specifically in the FREE Downloads section (I love free stuff!), and I came across several very useful tools.

  1. The Libronix Digital Library System is a technology used to deliver digital libraries of books and interactive study tools, add-ins, and components specialized for the needs of Bible students. All products carrying the Libronix DLS icon work together seamlessly, allowing books from multiple publishers to integrate into a single digital library system.
  2. RefTagger.  Ideal for blogging or studies, RefTagger is a free web tool that automatically turns all of your Bible references into hyperlinks or hover-over reference displays.  [Note:  This requires some basic knowledge of HTML to implement.]
  3. Windows Keyboard for Ancient Languages.  Windows keyboard allows you to use the same keyboards in Microsoft Word or any other Unicode compliant application that you use in Libronix DLS.  [Note: There are a few options for this.  All of these, though, allow you to access the characters for the following languages that are already built into most standard fonts from the normal keyboard.]
    1. Biblical Greek
    2. Biblical Hebrew
    3. Syriac
    4. Coptic
    5. Transliteration

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