November 19, 2008

My Head and Heart Hurt

As anybody that reads this probably knows, during the 2008 presidential election the Christian vote was seriously split between Obama and McCain.  I personally believe that nobody that called themselves a Christian and had any kind of solid foundation in the faith could vote for Obama, but sadly even members of my own family were duped into voting for him.  My sister-in-law even said that one of the reasons she was voting for him was because he was a 'solid Christian.'  Well, no disrespect to her, whom I love as though she were my own flesh and blood little sister, but she couldn't be more wrong.

Today I was reading some of the blogs that I subscribe to and I came across one by Justin Taylor called 'Obama's Heterodoxy,' which peaked my interest.  For those of you that may not be theologically inclined, heterodoxy is defined as 'other teaching' and is directly opposed to 'orthodoxy,' or right teaching.  I read through that post, and it pointed to an article on, which had a transcript of an interview that Cathleen Falsani, the religion columnist at the Chicago Sun-Times, did with Obama.  After reading that I have a couple of thoughts, one is that we have elected one of the biggest idiots to the presidency ever, and two anybody that can read that and still think Obama is a 'solid Christian' is just a plain idiot, and I mean that with all the love I can muster.

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