November 5, 2008

The Future

I am just going to be honest about how I am feeling right now:  I am scared, mad, and frustrated at the results of the election.

I am scared because some of the things that Obama and some legislators promised.  These things that were promised, not only do they not represent true family values, I think that they are going to lead to persecution for us Christians who try to live in accordance with what the Bible teaches. 

I am mad and frustrated because I feel like a lot of Christians have been duped into voting for Obama for many different reason.

Even though I have these feelings inside of me, and I feel like exploding, I know that God is still on His throne, He is in control.  If Obama is president, it is because that is what God wanted to happen.  Also, all earthly rule is ordained by God, so Obama is God's chosen man for the time and I owe him honor and allegiance, at least as long he does not force me to go against the Bible or my conscience.  So, God, please forgive my unbelief and help me to trust in you no matter what the future holds

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