September 23, 2008

A Bad Weekend

This past weekend was not a good weekend for me, in the area of football and  hawkeye sports both at the collegiate and professional level.  During my elementary school days, I lived just a few miles outside of Iowa City, Iowa; so, naturally, my favorite collegiate team are the Iowa Hawkeyes.  So far this year the team has looked as good as it has in years (so I've been told, since I can't get any of their game on TV), having beat all of their opponents handily.  Even this past weekend, when  they played the Pittsburgh Panthers, they only lost 21-20.  Hopefully things will be looking up for them this year.  But, my guess is they have a hard road ahead.  This coming Saturday they are facing Northwestern at home, and the following weekend they are at Michigan State.

On the professional level, like I said it was not a good weekend for me either.  Packers Truthfully, I don't think it has been a good summer for any of us Packers fans either, with the whole Brett Favre fiasco, but that's a different story.  Any way, the Pack faced off against the Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys.  It was a poor showing for the Pack, losing 27-16, and falling to a record of 2-1.  However, they are still ranked number 1 in the NFC North.  Next week they will face off against Tampa Bay, we'll just have to wait and see how they do.

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