June 5, 2008

A Minor Qualm with Mark Driscoll

At Mars Hill Church in Seattle Washington, Mark Driscoll has been preaching through a series that he calls "Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe." He started this series a while ago, but I am just now getting around to watching the sermons. Today, I watched "Creation: God Makes" and it was an excellent message. However, Mark made a comment in it that I've heard him say many times before, but this time it just struck me funny.

The comment was "we worship one God, and Jesus is His name." I agree and disagree with this statement. I agree because I do believe that Jesus is the eternally begotten divine Son of God and the second person of the trinity, and thus, Jesus is God. However, in the general sense, when speaking of God and not of one of the members of the God-head, I think it is inappropriate to refer to Him as God. This is my argument: if God is a tri-unity, being three persons but of the same essence, and if Jesus is the second person of that trinity, then God (in the general sense, as Driscoll seemed to use the title) cannot be Jesus. To say what Driscoll did, seems to espouse a form of modalism. To be clear, I do not think this is what Driscoll meant, but it is the danger of what he says. While I disagree with him on some issues, I have nothing but the utmost respect for Mark Driscoll and I am not accusing him of heresy. I just think it would be more appropriate to call God by the name that he has revealed to us: Yahweh / Jehovah.

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